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Who We Are

We are best friends. Our journey has helped us realize that we are eager to embrace and love more fully through adoption. Family is at the core of all we do. We believe that God has brought us together, and that we have much to offer through adopting a child.

Our Favorite Past Times

We love laughter and being together. Whether its traveling, playing together, working around the house, or building blanket forts, we love doing it together! See our adventure photos below.

Fun Facts About Us

  • Annika (Mom) loves to make our home be a happy and wonderful place. She is also a woodworking/crafting expert, while making time for long distance running and triathlons.
  • Alex (Dad) is an iPhone/iPad app programmer and he loves that his life revolves around his family. He also has an endless supply of "Dad Jokes".
  • Peter (Son) is a lego master builder who loves to make us laugh. His laugh and smile are contagious.

We are seeking to adopt.

Please reach out to us below if you or someone you know may be placing a child for adoption, and please share this site with others.


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Certified to adopt in the state of Arizona, Verified by Adoption Home Study Services of Arizona